With this website it is the hope that everybody who is attracted by visual arts and the process of creating will find something of interest. We are planning to publish descriptions and reviews of software and other tools, along with general articles and summary overviews of related topics.

Rather than making this a pure camera review site or a site for teaching artists how to paint using one or the other technique, the plan is to cover more broadly. Perhaps some of the site’s readers are interested in both photo, drawing, video, etc., and would like a broader scope on the articles than they oftentimes find on other sites? Or perhaps the interest is mostly on one area but with a slight curiosity about what else is possible?

Software will take up a lot of space here. More and more of what we do with anything visual has a software aspect, and even though many people just consider Photoshop as the only way forward, no matter what they want to do, there is quite a selection of opportunities out there – lots of exciting tools that could help you do exactly what you wish to do. Be it any kind of photo editing, bitmap drawings, or vector graphic. Be it “old-fashioned” videos made with a video camera or some kind of computer animated or stop-motion picture. No matter what you want to do, you have options. And this site will try to help you get to know these options.

Hardware, mostly in the shape of cameras, brushes, and other dedicated equipment for visual arts production, will be touched and reviewed whenever possible. For practical reasons it can be more complicated to arrange a review of hardware, as it cannot easily be downloaded for a free trial period… But whenever possible, also hardware will be described and reviewed.

General articles, courses and instructions – whatever is possible will be considered. Please feel free to suggest new articles, and if you wish to participate by writing one or supply some materials (text, photos, software/hardware for review, etc.) that will help us write it, please let us know. We cannot promise to do it all, but we certainly will consider it.

Like so many other websites with reviews, we do supply you with links to where you can buy the product. In some cases these links will be of an affiliate type, meaning that we can earn something if you follow the link and buy something, usually directly from the vendor. Apart from a potential earning from adverts, which is usually not big, this is actually our only source of income and it is necessary for being able to run the site. So please support the concept, and thank you in advance for anything you buy this way.

Since this is a site about visuals, we do plan to add a lot of those – however, it is not thought of as a general gallery. Consider it to be more of an informational site that should help you get the best out of your interest in working with photo, video, and other kinds of visual arts. If you wish to show us – and the world – some of your arts, you are most welcome to contact us, and maybe we can make an article about it and this way show some of it.

The site will be available in a number of languages, but there is no guarantee that all articles and posts will be available in all the site languages, so feel free to practice your language skills and get out of your comfort zone by clicking a bit around, just to see if there is something interesting.

Thank you very much for being here now, for having read this far – and have fun with the website from here on. We hope that you will like it and we appreciate any kind of feedback, comments, likes, suggestions, whatever, that can help us see how it impacts the world (a little) in general and especially, how well it suits you.