If you want to do some post-processing of your photos, you need to have a look at the huge selection of products from Akvis! Apart from being of a very high quality, chances are that you will find exactly what you are looking for – and then some. There are products for adding artistic effects, for improving and restoring old photos, for enhancing and HDR, and for creating something completely new, like nature phenomenons, light effects, or a beautiful glow. Also productivity enhancers are there, such as SmartMask, that lets you cut out people or other shapes from a picture with ease, and Magnifier, that scales images or parts of them without loss in quality.

The effects and filter programs all work as apps for Mac and Windows, as well as plugins for your photo editing software.

Recently, Akvis has also added an exciting video plugin for making cartoons out of your footage!

When buying the Akvis products, be aware that there are different licencing models, giving you the stand-alone products and/or the plugins, and allowing you to use these privately or for business purposes. Plugins work with a lot of products, not just Photoshop – see the list of compatible photo and video editing software. Oh, and if you want to support Danavue, please select the Cleverbridge payment option after following one of the above links and choosing the product you want. Thank you.