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PhotoZoom Pro 6
BenVista PhotoZoom Classic 6
PhotoZoom Classic 6

If you try to scale pictures using most image editors, you will notice that it often goes fairly well when down-scaling – but not so well when up-scaling. This, of course, especially with bitmap images. And the reason is obvious: the image editor can scale by spreading the pixels, but then there will be some free space in between them, and the program will then try to fill the space based on one or the other algorithm – typical simply by copying the nearby pixels into the space.

This makes your picture look pixelated. In most cases, this is not what you want.

BenVista has developed PhotoZoom, that does the scaling in a different way. It uses one of a line of more advanced algorithms that all, in each their way, makes sure to create a continuous flow of colors – creating continuity in the image as such, and, in effect, creating a much more attractive scaled image. Up to 10 times enlargement can most often be achieved with basically no loss in quality, sometimes even more.

Also downsizing of images win on this approach, as the algorithms are better at determining which pixels to keep, which to remove, and which to change.

There are two editions of PhotoZoom: Classic and Pro, and they offer such features as being able to run as a stand-alone program for Windows and Mac or as a plugin to Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, etc., definition of your own presets, batch-processing of images, easy cropping, and a lot more. Despite the advanced features, the program is very easy to use and almost always produce the result you want in a few seconds. This is close to being the perfect program, and definitely a necessary tool for anyone working with images.

BenVista PhotoZoom for Mac
BenVista PhotoZoom for Mac