Bitberry / BitZipper

From the Danish company Bitberry comes the versatile file compression / decompression utility BitZipper that will ease your life with big files – such as many photo and video files. When you need to send large files or packages of files, BitBerry will help you to first compress them as much as possible, so that sending them by email will be faster – or even possible, as many email servers set restrictions on the size of attached files.

And when you receive compressed files, BitZipper will help you decompress them, almost no matter the archive format. Around 50 different formats are currently supported and more will be added. This, of course, includes all the most common formats like ZIP, RAR, 7Z, ISO, GZ, etc.

The application also allows you to simply look inside the compressed file without actually decompressing it. Useful, if you need just one file out of a package, or if you want to see what is there before moving on.

You can encrypt and password protect your compressed files and thereby maintain confidentiality between you and, e.g., your customer.

The price is moderate and a free trial is available – check out Bitberry’s website for more information about prices and technical details.

BitZipper has four different interfaces - here the Wizard interface
BitZipper has four different interfaces – here the Wizard interface