A manufacturer of studio lights and flashes/strobes, along with continuous lights, light shapers and other accessories for photo and video studios as well as for use on location, and the company is based in the UK with offices in several other countries.

Bowens’ product range currently consists of the Gemini studio flash series and a line of continuous lights as well as battery systems for flexible lighting.

Bowens is one of the larger brands, especially in the UK, and it has set a standard for light shaper mounts, the S-mount or S-bayonet. Currently, this type of mount is being used by a large number of the competitors in the market, making the Bowens strobes and light shapers compatible with the equipment present in the studios of many professionals and enthusiasts.

See our lists of studio flashes with Bowens S-mount and continuous lights with Bowens S-mounts for an overview. If your strobes do not already have the Bowens mount, they can get it by fitting an adapter – these are available in about all thinkable combinations and will allow you to use Bowens mount light shapers.

Bowens has also used an L-mount for some of their models, as well as other mount types, so be aware that not all Bowens lights can use all equipment with a “Bowens mount”!

The Bowens products have a good reputation for being solid and well functioning, and they are priced a bit higher than the low-end products but are not the most expensive on the market. They are, according to Bowens, designed in Great Britain.