Since the launch of CorelDRAW many years ago, Corel has become a major player in the field of software for digital imaging, drawing, and video.

CorelDRAW is still going strong and has got a very successful partner in Corel Painter, the preferred tool for digital artists – and the much experienced PaintShop Pro has developed into being a perfect digital photo and image editor and photography post processing tool, as well as having features for everything you could think of regarding bitmap image processing, such as layered editing and drawing and easy application of filters of all kinds. For the dedicated administration and raw file processing, Corel AfterShot Pro set the scene.

Corel VideoStudio allows for easily editing multi-track videos with perfect blends between scenes and great audio control.

Corel has during many years been a progressive company in the imaging and graphics area, and it has bough a number of other products and companies, such as Pinnacle and Roxio, and marketed some of other companies’ software, such as Xara‘s.

All in all, Corel is on top of things in the graphics world with these and other great software products. The range of products goes beyond the Corel-branded ones, having state-of-the-art office suites, video conversion, file compression, and even more brands of video editing products under their wings as well.

Check out some of the products below and some current special offers at the Corel Special Offers page.

Corel PaintShop Pro X8
Corel PaintShop Pro X8