DivX Pro
DivX Pro

DivX® Software is the first of its kind, award-winning video software that lets anyone create, play, and stream their favorite videos, such as DivX, MKV and HEVC up to 4K. DivX Software includes a software media player, video converter, DLNA media server and web player extension that take your video and audio experience to the next level. Available on Windows and Mac.

For a video artist, this should open some doors – be it for making your videos available to the public without relying on services Like YouTube or Vimeo, or if you want to display videos on screens at an exhibition. Streaming the videos yourself will, among other benefits, make them ad-free (unless you want to put ads there, of course), and with DivX you can even deliver Dolby audio to your audience.

Streaming can be done in through ChromeCast or through DLNA, or through adaptive bitrate streaming over the web. You have a lot of options for setting things like bitrate, resolution (up to 4K), and file size, and you can encode in many formats.

And it is for free! Lots of features for free, but you can pay a small amount and get even more features and benefits from the Pro edition. Works on Windows and Mac.

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