An online image improvement and editing service at a very reasonable price and very easy to use.

Fotor offers free use of most features, if you can accept commercials being shown at the bottom of the page, but if you want to get rid of those and at the same time get access to the full set of features, such as HDR and beauty retouching, just pay a small fee and you are there.

Next to the typical image editing features where you can adjust the color saturation, contrast, etc., you also get a quite nice feature for quickly making collages – and saving them as an image, for instance to be used as post cards. And the Designer feature allows you to create a Facebook page cover, an attractive Facebook post or a banner ad – or many other formats of design for social media, web or print – with just a few clicks.

As a productivity tool for anyone who from time to time wishes to work a little more with their photos – make the best use of them – Fotor is really great. And for those with regular needs who do not want to trouble with the larger software packages and their steep learning curve and demand of hardware resources, this can be a very attractive alternative. Or a supplement, to be used when your own computer is not available.

There is a lot more than described here – not the least, thousands of templates and other design elements, but also a downloadable version of the software for the situations where you want to work with very large images or will be unable to work online. Check it all out at the Fotor website.

Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!