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If you are working with your photos, also after the shot has been made, you want Franzis Projects! The German publishing company Franzis Verlag has put a lot of effort into the world of photography, and the stars in their universe are the Projects software packages, providing for both easy, comprehensive, accurate and high quality filters and effects for your photos. What is significant about the Projects tools is that they offer both the quick and easy adjustment of their individual specialization, such as HDR or sharpening – and they are in fact, each of them, full-featured image editing programs with RAW editing, batch processing, and lots of filters that can be combined as you wish – and saved as presets, if you wish. You get a preview of how all the presets will look like in one overview when starting the program, and then you can choose your preferred one for this situation and add further adjustments, if needed. So really, at the same time both advanced and easy.

There are a number of individual packages available, and several of them exist at different power levels, so you should be able to find exactly what you need, at a price you are willing to pay. The main products include:

  • HDR Projects, available in two levels and with a number of add-on preset packages available
  • Denoise Projects, available in two levels
  • Sharpen Projects Professional
  • Focus Projects Professional
  • Color Projects, available in two levels
  • Black&White Projects, available in two levels
  • Neat Projects, available in two levels

These tools all come as packages with stand-alone programs and plugins for Adobe Photoshop, including Lightroom and Elements. They will soon (next version, Franzis has promised us) also work as plugins for Corel PaintShop Pro.

While it is possible to buy the Projects packages individually, there is also a large package available at a heavily discounted price – the Projects 4 Complete Edition – check it out and download a trial. From this link also the individual products can be studied.

Franzis Focus Projects
Franzis Focus Projects is specialized for optimizing macro photos