Individual Software

A software provider that focuses on easy-to-use yet comprehensive products, covering all the software needs of homes and families as well as education and business. This includes software for photo and video editing, and even with many of the same or similar advanced features included as the bigger, professional packages, these programs have been designed with a user interface that most people can get started with without the typical steep learning curve – just switch it on and get started!

  • PhotoStudio Expressions – Covers photo editing and enhancing as well as photo projects
  • Video Expressions – Create Hollywood-style movies in minutes, share directly from the program
  • Media Expressions Suite – Organize and edit your media, burn DVDs etc., and work creatively with all media types
  • SlideShow Expressions – Create entertaining photo slide shows, perfectly timed with your favorite music
  • VideoShow Expressions – Create and share home movies in minutes

The prices are modest and downloads are easy, so have a look at Individual Software‘s website and check out for yourself if these or other products will suit your needs.

Individual Software Expressions Series
Individual Software Expressions Series