Magix and Xara

What happens when a successful German software manufacturer merges with a just as successful British one? Magic happens! Together they produce a full range of great software for photo and video editing along with graphics design and web design, making them the market leader in multimedia software.

The Magix and Xara product range should keep you covered will all your needs:

Xara Designer Pro is the complete package for all kinds of photo, image, and both print and web design.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is like Designer Pro but specializes in photo and graphics, while Xara Page & Layout Designer similarly is like Designer Pro and with its specialization in the layout sphere. And Xara Web Designer, as can be imagined, specializes on web development. All share the pleasant and efficient user interface of Designer Pro.

Magix Photo Manager Deluxe keeps you – and your photos – organized and allows for error correction and optimization, complete with intelligent filters and batch processing. It works on raw files as well as most other file formats.

Magix Movie Edit Pro (with Pro Plus and Pro Premium), Fastcut, Video easy, and Video Pro are different video editing packages for your individual needs. They come with a wealth of features to help you make great movies with less effort and allows for multi-track editing,  4K, color correction, and a lot more. At least one of these programs will most likely fulfill all your video needs.

They have many more software products for photo, video, sound and music editing and management. But have a look for yourself at the Magix website and get inspired! You may also wish to have a look below for a selection of their products.

Magix bought in some more software during May 2016. It is the Vegas Pro, Movie Studio, Sound Forge Pro, and ACID Pro, plus a number of additional titles, all from Sony Creative Software. New releases are planned for Vegas Pro and Movie Studio already in the autumn 2016, and all products are, btw., still supported, now by Magix.

Xara Designer Pro X
Xara Designer Pro X