North Light Shop

The North Light Shop is bringing art to life by providing books, magazines, and online seminars about how to paint or draw various things. It is definitely a shop for artists, but it speaks to everybody, beginners and experienced artists alike. Maybe you are already a skilled portrait painter but would like some inspiration when it comes to using different techniques or painting something completely different like landscapes.

All artists need inspiration from time to time, all are being influenced by the ideas of others, and here is a place that offers a large amount of inspiration.

The arts covered are – all of them! Everything you can do with a brush, a pen, or a pencil is covered in one or more ways. Prices are fair and much of the contents can be downloaded immediately, so that you do not need to wait for it to arrive in the mail, and the things that do go in the mail will ship worldwide, the shop being based in the USA.

10% Off at North Light Shop. Use coupon code NLAFF10 during checkout. Expires 31 December 2016.