Pinnacle Studio has all the features you need to create great videos easily. It comes in different editions that have features like multi-camera editing, stop motion animation, audio ducking, live screen capture, 3D, and lots of effects, transitions, titles, and templates. It works in a number of languages, making it native to people in most of the world. And this all is making it the world’s best selling video editing software.

Today, Pinnacle is a member of the Corel family and benefits from some level of co-development with Corel’s other software products. Originally established in 1986, Pinnacle Studio was a product of the USA based Pinnacle Systems and was a spin-off activity of the company’s professional video-production software. The years after that saw a massive development in the market for video software, and Pinnacle took part in various mergers, joining Avid Technology in 2005 and the product range Pinnacle Studio being taken over by Corel in 2012, while Avid would after that be focusing on the high-end professional market.

So, Pinnacle Studio is the result of 30 years of development and contains the experience from a number of acknowledged companies in the business, making it worth considering when shopping for video editing software. But have a look at it yourself – see some of the products below or check out the Pinnacle website.