With the Rainmaker platform, you can do all the necessary things for marketing and selling your products and services.

Rainmaker is a CMS, like WordPress, so you can make a website, but it is more than that. Without writing any code, you can set up landing pages, public forums, membership areas, forms, etc., and you can plan and manage your way through the editorial process and this way provide a controlled effort for progressing your business. You can choose or make yourself the preferred template – 30 great ones are provided, but if you have a specific idea about the design, you are free to implement it.

If you offer courses – for free or paid – Rainmaker can mange them too. And managed emails are also integrated in the solution – in fact, you can arrange marketing automation and thereby increase the effect of your efforts: broadcast mails, send auto-responses based on triggers, and of course, design the emails directly in Rainmaker.

Sophisticated marketing tools, SEO, and analytics will help you get in touch with a broad audience, and the built-in affiliation management can help you enforce this through the participation of your own marketing army. Result-tracking and commission-calculation is of course part of it.

There are lots of features – and all of it is managed, so you do not need to install anything.

If you already have one or more products or services to sell, this is all you need to take it that one important step further – to actually sell it. Have a look for yourself and try it out for free at Rainmaker‘s website.

Rainmaker Platform: Build a Powerful Website