If your are interested in buying products wholesale and selling them off at Amazon’s Marketplace or on eBay, you will need Terapeak!

It is software and services to help you find out what sells and how to sell it – just now. It also helps you source the products at the best price and, hence all in all works as a combined market research, competitor research, marketing, procurement, and sales analytic department – in a box.

What it does is basically to monitor the chosen product categories on eBay and Amazon, follow the price development, make trend analyses, and make a note on which words are used for searching the products. It also monitors Alibaba.com for the similar products, making it easy for you to find and buy them there. It will help you set your strategies right and list the right products.

Of course, this works with art supplies, photo and video equipment, and with anything else, you would like to sell. And it is probably much more affordable than you think. Have a look for yourself at this Terapeak brief introduction and free trial.