titlebee Platinum Edition
titlebee Platinum Edition

When producing videos with the need for subtitles, you need a subtitling tool. Many of the general video editors have such a feature, but for being more productive, a dedicated tool is preferred. Titlebee is such a tool, and it comes in several editions, from the free Bronze edition, good for individuals, students, etc. to the Platinum edition, suitable for major networks, content providers, and distribution services – and the versions in between, Silver and Gold, suitable for translators and marketing agencies or for subtitle services and TV networks.

Some of the major tasks that titlebee will do better than most of the titling options included with video editing tools are:

  • Ensuring that the title is synchronous with the video – and the correct text is at the correct place.
  • Ensuring that titles stay at the right place, also when editing the video or generating different video formats.
  • Exporting the titles to various editing systems (NLEs), such as Adobe Premiere.
  • Works itself in all languages.
  • Multiple tracks edited side-by-side.
  • Allowing bookmarks to help splitting up large projects.
  • And a lot more!

Check out the different editions and all the features at the titlebee website.

titlebee main screen
titlebee main screen