Walser – Walimex Pro / Mantona

Walimex Pro is a brand of the German company Walser. During the years, Walser has developed from being a one-man importer of Chinese photo equipment that was then sold off at eBay, to the current state where 60 employees are managing a carefully selected range of 4,000 products under the Walimex and Walimex Pro brands for photo/studio equipment, Mantona for bags and tripods, and Made in Germany for video equipment. While products of the latter brand really are made in Germany, the rest is made abroad, most of it likely in China.

It all has a quite good quality and the marketing is directed towards professionals and ambitious amateurs. Gone are the days where eBay was the main sales channel, and today there are distributors and resellers around the world, one of them being Amazon.

Walimex Pro consists of various equipment for photo and video studio use, such as flashes/strobes, continuous lights, light shapers, tripods, lenses, filters, microphones, follow focus equipment, video stabilization units, etc. – you can get very far in trying to set up your studio using only Walimex Pro components!

See some examples below or check out Amazon’s complete selection of Walimex / Walimex Pro products and Mantona products. The Made in Germany branded products are also worth a closer look.

Btw., the current series of studio flashes from Walimex Pro, the Newcomer-, VC- and VE-series, as well as the previous K-series, are using a Bowens S-bayonet for mounting light shapers. This means that apart from the large selection of Walimex Pro light shapers, you can also choose from a wide selection of other brands that are using that (very common) mount type. Walimex Pro light shapers are themselves flexible and can be equipped with adapters for just about all other studio flash/strobe systems.

The VC and VE flashes are identical to Visico VC Excel and Visico VE Plus, respectively, while the Newcomer is close to identical to Visico VL Plus – and probably produced for Walimex Pro by Visico (China Vistarfoto) – this should speak for compatibility with regards to flash tubes, remote controls, and other parts.