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Facts don’t speak for themselves

Skånes konstförening in collaboration with Museet för Glömska are arranging an exhibition in Malmö, Sweden about the politically complicated topic, the “refugee crisis” with the title Facts don’t speak for themselves – migration and European borders.

The exhibition has contributing artists from several countries. It opens on August 26 2016 – vernissage between 6 and 9 pm – and continues until September 25.

The exhibition is part of the Is This the Time for Art? project and is dealing with the nature of the crisis:

This project focuses on the current migratory landscape and the consequences of the border- and surveillance politics of Europe. Art about migration and refugees confronts us with the problem of how to represent the politically unrepresented and how to exhibit an ongoing and man-made catastrophe. The so-called refugee crisis appear to have created a crisis of images and facts. What should be in focus: the refugees, the victims, the camps, the smugglers or the systems and countries that maintain and aggravate the crisis?

Read more about the exhibition at Skånes Konstförening’s website in English and Swedish.

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