Continuous lights with Bowens S-mount

This list holds information as we know it and is likely to be expanded and edited over time.

Bowens S-mount compatible studio lights with continuous light

  • Walimex Pro/Visico VC-1000Q
  • Walimex Daylight 250S
  • Tolifo Shark SK
  • RPS Studio CooLED
  • CowboyStudio LED-100WSI
  • Aputure Light Storm 120t
  • the Savage LED-series
  • the Godox/Andoer SL-series
  • the Fornito/Aputure LS-series
  • the Iled H-series
  • the Fotodiox Pro/Kinosun/Iled LED WA/WB-series
  • the DOF LED-series
  • ProMaster SG
  • Westcott SkyLux
  • NiceFoto/PhotaREX LED-A/AD
  • PhotoSEL LES
  • DynaSun QL
  • Pixapro LED
  • Mettle Fresnel LED
  • Mettle LED
  • Mettle EL
  • Mettle B
  • Mettle E-B
  • Mettle HL
  • Mettle QL
  • Helios LED
  • Jinbei EF
  • Jinbei EFL
  • Jinbei QZ
  • Proxistar Daylight 200 Pro
  • Aurora Sun Light, Luma, and 1000S
  • Visico LED-100T, LED-150T, and VC-6004F.

Things to consider

Some but not all lights from the company Bowens are using the Bowens S-mount.

There are a number of traditional reasons for not using the Bowens S-mount for continuous studio lights:

  • Most fluorescent lights will have several light bulbs, which makes them too big for this mount, but LED, quartz, and tungsten/halogen may fit the idea, depending on their design. Large fluorescent lights do exist – like the above mentioned Viscio VC-6004F, but it is then necessary to remove the light bulbs before changing the light shaper.
  • LED lights are often made as large flat screens of light
  • Quartz/tungsten may get too hot for some light shapers.

However, as the list of existing lights demonstrates, these reasons are fading away along with better, more powerful, and more concentrated LEDs or set of LEDs are being fitted in housings that look like the traditional studio flashes.