Studio flashes with Bowens S-mount

This list holds information as we know it and is likely to be expanded and edited over time.

Bowens S-mount compatible brands(models) of studio flashes/strobes

  • 405 Photo Gear (SFL)
  • Andoer (?)
  • Angler (Q)
  • Aputure (?)
  • Asis (400 Lite, 500)
  • Aurora Lite Bank (Codis CD, Digis D, Fusion F, Genesis G, Orion)
  • Bowens (BW, Creo, Esprit, Esprit II, Gemini, Gemini Esprit, System 600-2)
  • BPS (DE)
  • Bresser (CD, GM, MX)
  • Calumet (Travelite)
  • Chamäleon (MK)
  • Cononmark/Cononmk (AKE, GE, K-KE, USA)
  • Coreflash (CF)
  • CowboyStudio (K, Mettle, SW?, T)
  • Dison (LD)
  • Dreams in Light (J)
  • DynaSun (300M, 400W, 600M, 600W, 1000W, KM, LDRC)
  • Eachshot (Witstro AD-600, AD-H)
  • ePhotoInc (P300)
  • Excelvan (Fantasy FA, Pegasus P)
  • F&V (FL)
  • Falcon Eyes (EL, FH, GL, MQ, RE-FT, Satel One S1, TE, TF, TF-L)
  • Flashpoint (RL, Xplor 600)
  • Fomex (HD)
  • Fornito ()
  • Foto-Quantum (FQM)
  • Fotodiox Pro (H, M)
  • Godox (Witstro AD-600, ADH-600, DE, DP, DS, Magic Ox F, QS, QT, RS, SK)
  • Helios (A, C)
  • Hunbright (GN, Visico, Visico VC-LR, Visico VT)
  • Impact (AS-X, Digital Monolight, VC, VS, VSD)
  • Interfit (S1, S1a, Stella)
  • Jinbei (Caler EC-V, Caler ECD, Caler ECL, DC, DC II Porty, Digital Master DM, Digital Pioneer II, Digital Pioneer III, Digital Pioneer Pro DPs III, DM2, DM3, DPL, FL II, HD, HD II, MileStone MSN II, Pilot II, Spark II)
  • Lencarta (ElitePro 2, Safari 2, SmartFlash 2, SuperFast, UltraPro)
  • Linkstar (DL, LF)
  • Mettle (300, 400, 600, 800, 1000, Angel, C, D-i, D-R, K, Mars DR, ME, MS, MT-300, MT-600, MT-AD, MT-C, MT-D, MT-Q, Q, T-B, TTL)
  • Mikrosat (Flash-Mob)
  • Mircopro (EX)
  • Neewer (400C, DE, DS, Eagle EG, Mactop MT, SK, T)
  • NiceFoto (A, E, Classic, E, GB, GY, HS, K, Lighting, M, Outdoor Flash, Q, RA, RX, TB, TS, TTL, TTL-RQ)
  • PhotaREX Pro (A, HS, HSS, K, PB, Porty TA, TB, TS)
  • (PL)
  • PhotoSEL (HE)
  • Phottix Odin (Indra)
  • Pixapro (Citi600, Lumi)
  • PrioLite (MBX)
  • ProMaster (PRM, SM)
  • Proxistar (KS, PS)
  • Quadralite (Atlas, Move, Move Pro, Pulse, Pulse Pro, Up!)
  • Quantuum (DP, Move Pro, R+)
  • Rime Lite (F Flash, Fame, i Flash, i Flash Mobile, Union, XB Prime)
  • RPS Studio (500w)
  • Simock (Mythos E, Mythos Digital E)
  • Studiohut (L)
  • StudioPRO (AP, F, SD, SDX)
  • StroBeam (DL, EID G)
  • Tolifo (Eagle EG, Mactop MT, Noble N, Shark SK, Superstar S, Tornado T)
  • Visico (VC, VE, VL, VL Plus)
  • Visostar (RD)
  • Volorex (400W)
  • Walimex Pro (DS, K, Newcomer, Power Shooter 600, VC, VC Plus, VE, VT)
  • Xambo (Lux, Pro)
  • Yongnuo (YN)

If your strobes do not already have the Bowens S-mount, they can get it by fitting an adapter – these are available in about all thinkable combinations and will allow you to use Bowens mount light shapers.

Things to consider

Please note that not all flashes and strobes from the company Bowens are using the S-mount. Some are using the L-mount, while others have different mounts.

The Bowens S-mount has other names as well and we will try later to describe these.

Some flash/strobe manufacturers and OEM brands do not use the terms “Bowens” or “S-mount”, or any other common name, meaning that it can be difficult to know which kind of mount they are using. For instance, Walimex Pro is describing the mount on their flashes in a way that could make a customer believe that this is a special Walimex-mount.