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Welcome to the new blog about everything visual that you can do with your camera, pen, brushes, computer, or whatever tool or tools your prefer!

As your host, I look forward to serve you what you need – to the extend my skills will allow me. The website is run by me on behalf of The No Crisis Company, which is also run by me. So I am doing a little of everything and will try to allocate as much time as needed for making regular tests, articles, reviews and previews, comments, and perhaps an occasional free thought appear on this site.

There is no magic formula for the distribution of contents, so you may see several posts about photography in a line and then several about video and a single one about painting squeezed in somewhere along the way. Or maybe it will be all different from this. And apart from “regularly, I expect”, there is no plan for how often anything will be published. So, no formula, no master plan, just the enthusiasm and the reactions on your feedback – so please make sure that you give me some of that 😉

See you around, hopefully – you may wish to subscribe to the blog, making sure that you will not miss any important post in the future. Enjoy your hobby or profession with visuals, and enjoy reading whatever interesting you may find here now or later.

Yours sincerely,

Joergen Winther

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