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Today, MAGIX releases new versions of their Movie Edit Pro family of highly capable video editors, sold under the slogan “The Easiest Way to Make Amazing Videos”.


Already in the versions available up till now, there has been a lot of great features to assist you in your creative work with making the videos, such as 4K support, 32-tracks editing or more (depending on edition), and tools for burning DVD’s and Blu-ray discs and sending your creations to social media like Facebook and YouTube, as well as to mobile devices – and a lot more. The new versions are not out yet at the time of writing, so I cannot show you in detail what is new, but MAGIX points out some of the main features for the three editions:

Common feature

All editions will be delivered with a 1 year update service.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

Comprehensive support for the latest camcorders and faster video import than ever before with resolutions up to 4K for truly enjoyable editing. Create impressive videos in a flash with brand new title templates and proDAD Mercalli V2 for image stabilization.

H.264 video hardware acceleration reduces load on your processor and transfer processing power for decoding from your graphics card. You’ll see a clearly improved performance as a result.

  • Includes proDAD Mercalli V2 image stabilization
  • OpenFX support
  • Release offer: Buy with HitFilm Cinema Style Pack at a special release price!

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus

Discover new features such as automatic video editing, 25 editable templates and special effects designed for action cam footage. 360° editing for panoramas and videos opens up brand new creative perspectives.

Learn how to get the most out of your action cam. Movie Edit Pro Plus comes with fully automatic editing for action and sport footage. Simply selection one of 25 customizable templates, specifically developed for dynamic video material. Get your adrenaline pumping with jump cuts, rewind and slow-motion effects.

  • 360 degree video editing
  • Perfect shot match
  • 5 brand-new video effects

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium

The Premium version offers true creative freedom with features such as fully automatic image stabilization, rapid CMOS correction and the comprehensive NewBlue ActionCam Package. Create videos that stay with your audience.

Improved object tracking lets you follow objects even more precisely. Pin text to objects, place black rectangles in front of faces and blur out license plates.

  • Includes MotionStudios Vasco da Gama 9 Essential
  • Includes NewBlue Titler Pro Express

Follow up

The MAGIX Movie Edit Pro products are really great for producing both quick and simple videos out of, for instance, your bits and pieces of footage, shot with your mobile phone while on holiday or attending a seminar. Whatever the contents, gluing it all together with some introductory titles, end titles, transition effects, a voice over, name tags where needed, etc. is very simple and fast. This can be utilized at work or at home, and in both cases the flat learning curve will get you going almost immediately.

Of course, more professional needs can also be accommodated too. The Premium edition, for instance, supports multicam editing for 4 cameras, 99 multimedia tracks, a universal timeline, and snap markers for trimming, synchronization, or simply as bookmarks.

MAGIX has been in this market since 1993 and is one of the most experienced manufacturers of video editing software – having extended their portfolio along the way with more titles of their own development as well as through buying other companies. Not the least the British company Xara and, recently, the major part of Sony’s video editing business. Read more about this at our Magix and Xara page.

Hint: If you want to buy the product, you can benefit from the coupon code 6MGX1603 that should give you some rebate. Buy it – or simply check out the features – at MAGIX‘ own website. You may also wish to study the full list of products from MAGIX.

It will be exciting to have a closer look at the new versions, and when we have done so and have more information we will get back with a follow-up article.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro


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