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Franzis Neat Projects Professional #1

Franzis recently released a new product – in fact, a new kind of product – that lets you photograph popular and crowded places, for instance a historical monument, without worrying about all those people, cars, or whatever that seem to get in front of your lens every time you are ready to make the perfect shot.

Neat Projects

With Neat Projects, you simply shoot a number of photos of your target, and with a few clicks in the after-processing, Neat will remove all the moving objects from the photos and create one combined master photo of the lot. A few pictures are enough, so you do not need to wait for the right moment or stay at the place all day.

What it does, is of course to align the fix points of the photos and then find all the moving areas – looking behind them (in the other photos) and pick and choose all the image elements that together will make up the static part of your photo. And without any further magic, there is your perfect shot!

The Projects Series

Like the other products of the Projects series from Franzis, you get a full package of both a Windows app, a Mac app, and a number of plugins for Photoshop, including Elements etc., so that you can arrange your workflow as you prefer.

Other great products in this series include

Some of them are available in more than one version, and, indeed, so is Neat Projects: it comes in a standard as well as a professional edition, where the standard edition is already quite advanced, but the professional edition basically offers all the features and options anyone could possibly need from such a program – as it is typical for the Projects programs.

Some Neat Highlights

First of all, you can work a lot smarter than with the retouching features of typical image processing software. Retouching is good for certain tasks, but if you actually do have the opportunity to get a series of photos where you have a more or less complete shot, just not in one photo but split over several, then you can save a lot of time and probably get a much better result than by trying to cut and paste the different parts into one new image. This is the Neat functionality in a nutshell.

As the other Projects programs, Neat has a large amount of general image processing features, including the ability to correct RAW photos (lens correction, horizon adjustment, etc.), tools for adjusting white balance, etc., a great cropping tool, and a large number of filters, that will help you easily set the tone of the image – and add frames. There is also a project timeline with selectable snapshots, there is scratch editing/retouching, and a lot more. You can apply all filters selectively for the areas of the image where you want them, and you can apply each filter several times, if needed, each with their own set of attributes and affecting their own area and having their own intensity. You can also combine several photos into one panorama view – and all the Projects programs can collaborate and pass on the image to another program in the series for further processing. And these programs work in a number of languages, at your choice.

All settings can be saved as presets, and the Projects programs come with a large number of presets from the start, to which you can add your own – and they can be varieties of the existing, combinations of them, or completely new ones. You can save and load presets, and this way also share them with others. And when you start the program and load a photo, you will immediately be shown previews of how it would look like with all the presets – then it is easy to choose one and, if needed, work on from there.

The specific features for Neat Projects include, of course, this special feature of combining a series of shots into one – up to 30 or 100 in a series, depending on the version. It will work even if you didn’t use a tripod. Also selective sharpness level improvement can be applied, ensuring that the different image parts will connect without any visible trace of their multiple-image origin. The moving parts are detected by a number of special algorithms. An optimization assistant will help you make good looking images with the desired style.

During August 2016, a special introduction offer is available – read more about the product and see the prices at the Franzis Neat Projects page.

Franzis Neat Projects #1 User Interface
Franzis Neat Projects #1 User Interface


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